How To Come To Peace With Your Mind And Body

Try to act like a Yogi
To be a Yogi means to be in a process of self discovery, a willingness to be invested in a process that allows for inquiry, that opens both your body, your mind, your heart, ultimately moving towards a deeper relationship with yourself, with the planet, with each other and with God. It means to be in a relationship with all that possibility, it has nothing to do with flexibility and strength, that is just a tool that the Yogi uses so as to be able to get still and to be in a more connected dialog with spirit. A Yogi is someone who practices balance, to keep it simple. You will need a personal instructor to make easy and perfect the posture of yoga. 

A Yogi means a lot more than just practicing yoga in South Perth, you can practice it and not be a Yogi, that term is just describing a state of being, a state of consciousness. It means to be connected to that which is enduring in that which is timeless, not affected by circumstances or any kind of external changes or fluctuations. If you are doing Yogi practice of which the aim is to connect to with that which is timeless, and that`s the central part of your life then you`re a Yogi.
You can put on mala beads, put henna on your body, perform rituals or yoga, that is not what a Yogi is all about, that is like a cartoon character of what a Yogi really is. He is a grounded person who is trying to be a better person, and like with every system, so much of this stuff is about being a good person, being kind, being a service, trying to be loving, trying to be patient, with ourselves, with others, learning to take care of our body, through the postures, through our food, so it is a progress, not perfection.You have to work on it on a day to day basis. Being a Yogi means being real and trying to better ourselves and we use the postures we learn as the first way in for most. But whichever way you come in, you`re aware of “there`s more to this”, than just how you straighten your leg in triangle pose. There is a whole system behind all of this. The main thing is that when this becomes your life and you can`t really create any separation in any moment, that your practice is not something that you`re ever disconnected from, for instance if you practice pranayama, as you move throughout the day you`re always aware of your breath, being a Yogi is something that happens inside your own heart.